ESG sustainable development



When innovative technology meets sustainable development

Sustainable change from the inside out

ESG sustainable development practitioner

Committed to sustainability and creating a better future

Committed to achieving sustainable corporate growth, Chimei Automotive makes society a better place.

Saving energy and reducing carbon, working together from top to bottom

Starting from small changes, we will implement various energy-saving measures to combat global climate change.

Employee benefits, happy company

Provide benefits and security to provide employees with a safe and healthy working environment.

Chimei Automotive

Contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

health and well-being
Protect employee health and safety

Provide a safe and healthy working environment for employees, including providing necessary health and first aid facilities, and strive to reduce hazards to employee safety and health to prevent occupational disasters.

At the same time, the company also implements regular health examinations and safety and health education and training for employees to create a good environment for employees' career development and establish an effective career ability development training plan.

gender equality
Create an equal workplace environment

Create a gender-equal workplace environment in accordance with the Gender Equality at Work Act. Employees are entitled to benefits such as menstrual leave, maternity leave, maternity check-up leave, paternity check-up and paternity leave, childcare leave without pay, family care leave and other benefits, and equality in salary, employment conditions, training and promotion is implemented. .

Establish an employee welfare committee to handle various welfare matters.

Promote economic growth and employment
Improve company economic performance and create jobs

Actively invest in the management of environmental issues, plan to complete an in-plant carbon inventory in 2023, and set short, medium and long-term carbon emission reduction targets. Carry out sustainable enterprise development with innovative and advanced management and technology.

Industrialization, innovation and infrastructure
Innovate and improve production technology and services

It has successfully developed modular technologies such as lane departure, front distance monitoring, front collision avoidance, pedestrian and obstacle detection, virtual bumper, stop and go reminder, driving behavior detection, and side and rear blind spot detection. .

Leading the smart vehicle electronics industry through forward-looking AI image recognition and multi-sensor integration research and development. The products have won many awards in the transportation field, such as Taiwan Excellence Award, Excellence Innovation Award, and were selected for the 2035 E-MobilityTaiwan Innovation Award. We look forward to becoming the core of the autonomous driving supply chain and taking responsibility for social and economic stability.

climate action
Actively respond to climate change

In the face of global climate change and strict greenhouse gas controls, we began an independent greenhouse gas inventory in 2022 and learned that the total emissions in 2022 were 167.5 metric tons of CO2e, of which more than 90% came from purchased electricity.

In order to promote climate action and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we will strive to save energy and implement energy conservation and carbon reduction strategies, including internal environmental protection advocacy, increasing energy conservation awareness, using LED lamps, optimizing electricity management, waste recycling, and promoting paperless management, etc., in order to make steady progress towards the 2050 carbon neutrality goal and contribute our share to solving the global climate change crisis.

diverse partnerships
Establish long-term diverse partnerships

We continue to innovate and improve our operations, focus on sustained growth and sustainable development, and actively communicate and respond to stakeholders. We expect:

  1. Employees: Ensure a safe and healthy work environment and pursue work-life balance.
  2. Shareholders/Investors: Provide long-term investment value and focus on market outlook, profitability and sustainable performance.
  3. Customers: Provide high-quality, safe products, protect customer information, and win market opportunities.
  4. Suppliers: Implement environmental protection, safety and ethical standards, protect information security, and deepen cooperative relationships to build a sustainable supply chain.