A new generation of image field auxiliary control box

Product introduction

A new generation of image field auxiliary control box

iBox2.0 provides vehicles with advanced technology for image input recognition and enhances road safety. Lenses can be installed on the sides and rear of the vehicle and connected to the iBox2 system. The system can detect the presence of obstacles and provide visual and audible warnings to drivers to alert them of potential dangers.


Introduction video


Features and Benefits

Meets visual field specifications

It complies with the rear R158 reversing vision assist specification and does not affect the original reversing camera image.

System diagnostic mechanism

The system failure mode diagnosis mechanism can promptly repair and protect driving safety.

Image format detection

Automatically detects image formats including (CVBS, AHD, TVI /480, 720, 1080)

Calibration-free procedure

Supports lens installation for various high and low viewing angles.

Intuitive to use

Intuitive design of visual reminders and sound output

Support key operation

Comes with buttons to adjust the warning screen and volume at any time.

Application situation


Large vehicle application

Situation description

Avoid the risk of blind angles to the side and rear of the vehicle.


Use of passenger cars

Situation description

Hazard prevention and protection reminders for reversing in parking lots.


Engineering vehicle use

Situation description

Provides surround vision and risk detection.

Features and Benefits

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