BSIS inner wheel differential blind spot warning system

Product introduction


Designed in accordance with the United Nations UNECE R151 regulations (BSIS). The BSIS inner wheel difference blind spot warning system can detect blind spots in the vehicle's line of sight when turning while driving. It can detect and actively remind the driver of the driver's attention in an auditory + visual way before danger occurs.


Introduction video

Application situation


Situation of approaching car from the side

Situation description

1. Can detect side and rear blind spots.

2. The detection system can mark different warning intensities (distinguished by red, yellow, and green) based on the distance of oncoming vehicles or pedestrians.

3. Provide "lighting/sound effects/output image mark" warning methods to help determine the level of risk.

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Large car turning situation

Situation description

1. When a large vehicle turns, it will be unable to notice incoming vehicles and pedestrians in time due to blocked vision and blind spots.

2. BSIS detection provides real-time warning range. When oncoming vehicles or pedestrians approach the warning area, the driver will be reminded with "lights/sound effects/output image markers".

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Features and Benefits

product specifications