iBox1.5 image field of view auxiliary control box

Product introduction

Image field of view auxiliary control box

iBox1.5 can use the video system on the vehicle to transmit AI features for real-time calculation and recognition. When parking or turning, it can remind the driver through sound and light warnings, thus improving the safety of surrounding pedestrians and avoiding collisions behind the vehicle. produce.


Introduction video


Features and Benefits


Suitable for most rear view lenses and monitors on the market.

Intuitive design

Intuitive detection target display design.

One click operation

One-click settings to switch between 3 operating modes.

Support CVBS output

Supports CVBS screen output format.

Guard the driver

The rear obstacle detection system can directly replace the rear view system to check your safety.

Installation is super easy

Super easy installation. (plug and play)

Excellent recognition performance

Obstacle objects that are lower and thinner in shape are easier to identify.

reasonable price

More cost effective than installing ultrasonic radar.

Application situation


Object detection

Situation description

Able to detect moving and stationary obstacles.

Object detection warning

1. Moving objects (pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, etc...).

2. Obstructive objects (pallets, walls, shelves, etc...).

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perspective change

Situation description

The viewing angle can be manually switched, and the close-up view can be switched to a top-down view.


screen zoom

Situation description

You can manually adjust the zoom in and out through the mode switch.

Features and Benefits

product specifications

Host specifications


iBox1.5 image field of view auxiliary control box

Operating Voltage

DC 9V~36V

Working current


Product Size


I/O interface

Video input/output (AHD / CVBS), Power(ACC) / GND, Switch, R Gear, Buzzer, UART (TX/RX)

Output resolution


Audible warning


product weight


operating environment