Architecture Automotive Electronics Division

Outline the Vision ADAS R&D blueprint and vision

Won the standard equipment of Southeast Motor Mitsubishi "Junge" model

OEM blind stop "Lane Departure Warning System" is the earliest supplier on both sides of the Taiwan Strait to enter the ADAS image recognition field of pre-installed market.

LDWS passed Japanese original factory verification

The various weather condition tests of the "Lane Departure Warning System" LDWS have been verified by technicians stationed by the Japanese original factory.

Obtained an ADAS product development order from a Taiwanese car manufacturer

"Lane Departure Warning System" and "Front Vehicle Collision Warning System" (LDWS/FCWS) are the only company in China that independently develops software and hardware and has passed the reliability test and performance verification of the car manufacturer.

Gain international recognition
  • Invited to share the Design Partner Program Success Story of ADI, a major international manufacturer.
  • The Taiwanese automaker has launched optional lane departure warning systems and front vehicle collision warning systems (LDWS/FCWS) on all models.
    NISSAN BIG TIIDA Running of the Bulls Safe and Priceless SP-FCWS/LDWS
  • The development of the "all-round automatic flip-up head-up display safety warning system" was awarded the "Bronze Medal Award" for innovative automotive electronics AMPA products at the International Automotive Electronics Show.
Obtained development orders from China Automobile

The "all-round automatic flip-up head-up display safety warning system" received a development order from China Automobile (recommended by GO Chezhijia Viagra in September of the same year) (2 car models were introduced in 2016 and officially shipped).

Louis Vuitton all-round automatic flip-up heads-up display

Obtained orders from Chinese automakers and media interviews
  • August:Officially obtained an ADAS development order from a tier 1 supply chain ODM of a Chinese automobile manufacturer.
  • September:Exclusive interview with Today's Weekly/Exclusive interview with Financial News Weekly/Xie Jinhe and his 60-member delegation came to visit.
  • August:[TVBS The World is Turning] Exclusive interview with Chimei Automotive - Turning the future of the automotive industry. Taiwanese manufacturers are leading the trend with ADAS.
    Turning the future of the automotive industry, Taiwanese manufacturers are leading the trend with crazy ADAS
Won various awards
  • February:[Extraordinary News] Exclusive interview with Chimei Automotive - A direct look at the production line. Taiwanese manufacturers are developing visual recognition technology for autonomous vehicles to avoid car accidents.
    Taiwanese manufacturers rush to use visual recognition technology to avoid car accidents in driverless cars
  • April:"Forward Obstacle Detection and Warning (Integrated) System" won the AMPA Innovation Product "Gold Medal Award" at the International Automotive Electronics Show.
  • September:"Driving Fatigue Detection System" and "Distraction Detection System" received development orders.
  • December:"Integrated Intelligent Safety Assist System" won the 18th Golden Peak Award (Product Category).
iCAM is born
  • January:Successfully developed the "intelligent image recognition high and low light automatic switching" system for image recognition applications
    Taiwanese manufacturers rush to use visual recognition technology to avoid car accidents in driverless cars
  • January:Received 2018 FC/LD/PD new model development orders from domestic car manufacturers.
  • March:The "Pedestrian Detection Warning System" passed the vehicle manufacturer's performance verification.
  • April:The international automotive electronics AMPA exhibition officially released the smart camera (the world's first). Its "iCAM series" first-generation "RCTA" (rear blind area detection) set off the industrial revolution of automotive cameras around the world.
  • April:The iCam-RCTA application has been notified by the Taiwanese car manufacturer of opening a project.
  • May:Entering the Tier 1 supply chain of mainland car manufacturers (pre-installation), ADAS modules are officially mass-produced and shipped.
  • May:Based on the smart camera concept, we were invited to cooperate in the development of automotive-specific chips.
  • July:The world’s first Intelligent camera “iCAM” series – RCTA (rear blind spot detection system) is officially in mass production! (No host identification required, a single car-sized lens module can be used independently
    Good things should not be interrupted - Chimei Automotive Intelligent Rear Blind Spot Detection System iCAM-RCTA
  • August:With the iCam series, the smart rear blind spot detection system won the first Innovative Smart Application Competition - Enterprise Excellence Award.
  • September:Domestic car manufacturers have officially mass-produced integrated driving safety assistance systems for new FC/LD/PD models in 2018.
  • October:Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with a mainland first-tier car manufacturer to move towards the field of autonomous driving.
  • December:The iCam-RCTA/FMOD application has obtained a Japanese ODM development project, and has received technical reports from columns and media such as bouncy, WAGONIST, Car Goods Magazine, Nikkan Industrial News, and @DIME.
Products are widely adopted by governments and car manufacturers
  • April:Obtained the rear vision assist system solution for the Chunghwa Post vehicle logo with the iCam series.
  • June:[Economic and Trade Perspective] 495 Journal Exclusive Interview_Chimei, the leader in image recognition software for electric vehicles.
  • June:Obtained Taiwan Sanyang Hyundai ADAS module shipment order.
  • July:Obtained the imaging safety system solution for Taipei City’s smart bus pilot project, setting a new standard for driving vision assistance systems.
Won the "R&D Innovation Partner Quality Award" at TOYOTA Indonesia Supply Chain Innovation Product Launch Conference

Our company's front collision avoidance and other image recognition systems won the award in the TOYOTA Indonesia Supply Chain Innovation Product Competition after the judges personally experienced the test and evaluation, and announced it at the supplier conference that year.

Won the Taoyuan City bus blind spot inner wheel difference demonstration case

Our company won the Taoyuan City bus blind spot inner wheel difference demonstration case with the side external blind spot detection system, and successfully won the first and most favorable bid, defeating other companies. (The following year, the driver received positive feedback and successfully won the bid again)

Selected as the Innovation Future Star of Taiwan International Smart Mobility Exhibition

Our company uses the blind spot warning detection system to "turn the car lens into an eye of wisdom", combines the field of view auxiliary picture output, and uses advanced technology to allow drivers to receive lights and sounds even at night or in bad weather. Warnings are proactively reminded and images are clearly received on the car screen to avoid possible risks and crises in advance.

Among 89 companies from 26 countries competing, Taiwan was the only manufacturer selected to enter the top ten.

Awarded the 2022 Taiwan Excellence Award (Blind Spot Information System-BSIS-passed the United Nations UNECER151 regulations)

This product, the TBAS turning blind spot assist system, is designed based on the United Nations UN R151 regulations and effectively solves the safety problem of the blind spot in the inner wheel difference of large commercial vehicles.