Quality management

Quality management objectives

Focus on quality, infinite value

The company is committed to providing safe and reliable ADAS products to meet customers' high expectations for quality. Our quality policy has three major directions to ensure that the quality of our products meets or exceeds industry standards:

Comply with regulations and requirements

Product standards comply with or lead international regulations and meet the latest safety requirements.

Various tests and certifications

It has passed several international certifications and third-party agency safety tests to provide more security guarantees.

Meet automotive supply chain standards

Passed the quality system certification of the automobile manufacturer and the system certification of the automobile supplier.

Step by step, protect quality

Quality control process

Market and regulatory demand analysis


business unitConduct demand search and analyze and summarize.

New product development and design


R&D unitCollaborationbusiness unit, conduct research, development and design of new products according to new product development management procedures.

Produce drawings, molds, and fixtures


R&D unitOutput drawings, molds, jigs, and carry out production.

Sales department takes orders


The business unit reviews management procedures based on customer needs and contracts and generates orders/quotations.




The R&D unit produces customer products according to customer-provided product management procedures.

The business unit is responsible for order-related transaction processing.

Quality control


The quality assurance unit conducts product testing according to the testing and identification management procedures.



According to the production management procedures and product protection management procedures, the business unit collaborates with the manufacturing unit to conduct delivery management.

client feedback


If the business unit receives a customer complaint, it will process the return in accordance with the return processing management procedures.

After-sales service and technical support


The business unit provides after-sales service and technical consultation in accordance with the customer warranty/maintenance service management regulations.

Customer satisfaction survey and improvement


Business units conduct customer satisfaction surveys in accordance with customer satisfaction management procedures.

And according to the corrective and preventive measures management procedures and performance management and continuous improvement procedures, we will continue to improve our products and services to give you first-class quality.

Produced by Chimei

Through qualified automobile supply chain system

Produced by Chimei

Passed various tests and certifications