AVDS full-circle blind spot auxiliary detection system

Product introduction

AVDS full-circle blind spot auxiliary detection system

Using the most advanced AI image recognition technology, it can instantly analyze, classify and determine target persons who are stationary, moving or in various working conditions. It also reminds operators in response to the United Nations' requirements to protect VRU (Vulnerable Road Users) vulnerable road users. Persons who may collide with the outside.


Features and Benefits

Excellent and lightweight

Excellent design, ultra-small and integrated image recognition system, easy to install under various conditions.

Multiple image output options

It can output video (CVBS / AHD / TVI) and RS485 signals, output various alarm systems and backend certificate storage and management.

Wide installation range

There is no need to distinguish between installation height and height. Six different danger warning ranges can be adjusted according to the viewing angle and position of the system installation.

Excellent detection technology

It can be detected regardless of whether the person is stationary, moving in the same direction as the operating machinery, or is temporarily obscured by facilities.

Protect you to the greatest extent

Provides ultra-wide viewing range and full-screen detection.

Complete warning methods

Output image marking OSD with different risk levels, combined with integrated warning methods of light and sound, to assist equipment operators in judging the risk level around the environment.

Comply with various specifications

Comply with CE, FCC, E-MARK, Taiwan VSCC 56-3 electromagnetic compatibility and other reliability test requirements

Safe to use at night

Supports use in low-illumination operating environments, and construction at night is no problem

Application situation


Various engineering vehicles

Situation description

Because it uses automotive-grade components, AVDS is particularly suitable for use in harsh environments such as large vehicles, industrial equipment, and factory stages to promote operational safety and background data analysis.


Alert mechanism

Warning statement

1. When danger is detected, warning sounds can be emitted through various warning devices and connected speakers.

2. Evacuation warnings can be given not only to operators but also to people entering dangerous areas. Warning actions are also displayed on the screen in an easy-to-understand manner.

3. Even if a person is partially obscured by an object, he or she can still correctly identify and judge.

4. People can still correctly identify and warn people in a stationary state.

5. Lenses on the back and sides identify hazards in the entire detection area.

6. If you leave the detection range, you can safely stop the warning operation to prevent over-detection.

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Features and Benefits

product specifications

Host specifications


AVDS full-circle blind spot auxiliary detection system

operating voltage

DC 9~36V

operating current

~200mA@DC 12V

Sensor resolution


Minimum illumination


signal-to-noise ratio


HDR (High Dynamic Range)


Image format

CVBS (1. 0Vp-p/With 75 0hm Loading)

Sensing angle


Video output angle

H:165° V:130°

Camera IP rating

Note: Please connect the main body bundle end connector IPX7 IPX7

Lens elements




operating environment conditions

30~80% RH/ -40℃~85℃

Storage environmental conditions

30~80% RH/ -40℃~85℃

Alert message (standard)

OSD (orientation and frame flash alert)

Alert message (option)

Buzzer or rear light control box

Stop line selection

OSD when TXD & RXD cable open (short Default)

I/O voltage trigger level (reverse gear/left turn signal/right turn signal/switch)

High > 11.5V / Low < 10V