Enjoy work happily and boldly break through the framework

Perhaps it is Aquarius's unrestricted thinking that makes Chimei Automotive & Electronics General Manager Xu Xuexian bluntly say, "Actually, my personality is not suitable for routine work!" This point has a great conflict with accounting work. , so when Xu Xuexian entered the industry, he was no longer limited to the accounting field, and continued to work in different fields, including personnel, procurement, information and other management departments, and even served as sales director and R&D director; he likes to learn and absorb With his new personality and the need for accounting to understand the professional internal control of all department operations, Xu Xuexian unknowingly completed the cross-department integration capabilities a company needs.

On the other hand, his dislike of routine work also quietly planted the idea of starting a business in his heart, but he never got the chance. Until Chimei Precision faced the merger, he always felt that the efforts he had made in the field of automotive electronics over the past seven or eight years were not enough. There are some traces left, and I am more optimistic about the future of automotive electronics. I immediately decided to establish Chimei Auto Electronics and continue to move forward on this path with the partners who work together.

However, starting with only 10 million in capital, facing the huge capital and technology needed by the automotive electronics industry, Xu Xue relied on how to effectively allocate funds, how to calculate the finances in the next few years, how to find supporters and potential investors, etc. Xian has a professional accounting background all the way, and these efforts are for one belief - to create the value of Chimei Automotive.