[Turn Taiwan] See the truth through experience Xu Xuexian: There is no compromise, only the ultimate!

[The Epoch Times, June 4, 2019] (Epoch Times reporter Wu Yanmen reported in Taiwan) Theory and perfect briefings are not the most important. To develop a new system or product, you must first install it in his car and drive it for yourself. , testing, Xu Xuexian, chairman of Chimei Automotive Electronics, believes: "Safety can only be the ultimate, there is no compromise!" He insists on using experience to tell the truth.

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Mobileye is an Israeli automotive technology research and development company. Before being acquired by Intel in 2017, it was already a leading pioneer in image recognition systems known to the world. Xu Xuexian's early job at Chimei Precision Technology was not in the R&D department. He tested Mobileye's products at an unassigned opportunity, and the perfect experience planted the seeds of his incomprehension with ADAS "Advanced Driving Assistance Systems" edge.

In 2013, Xu Xuexian organized an automotive electronics team and founded Chimei Auto Electronics, developing core technology areas such as lane departure, front vehicle collision avoidance, pedestrian detection and warning, driving behavior and rear blind spot detection and other driving assistance systems.