Application Solution:
Chimei Auto’s excellent imaging AI edge technology solution can add value to your product application in various situations. The purpose of the AI Edge solution is to bring the powerful functions of AI and Edge Computing to all industrial applications.
If it can be used in stand-alone or embedded applications, it can strengthen the image-assisted safety protection system used in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, industrial equipment and special vehicles, and provide various system integration and customized services.
We also hope that we will continue to innovate through professional technology, create new value, and make good use of our technology to create a better life and world for everyone.

Business Car
Our visual ADAS solution for vehicles includes applications such as forward collision prevention, peripheral blind areas and detection of driving fatigue and distracted behavior in the vehicle, which can assist in driving vehicles, enhance sensory strength, reduce collision accidents, and fatigue Accident happened.
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Commercial Vehicle

The commercial vehicle protection concept of public transportation, in addition to protecting the safety of driving and occupants on highways, must also create a driving environment without dead ends in urban areas and various environments to ensure the safety of vulnerable road users such as nearby pedestrians and motorcyclists.(VulnerableRoad User)

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Industrial special equipment 

We can provide you with equipment suggestions for various industrial equipment imaging auxiliary systems, using a special AI image recognition system to assist the safety of vehicles and equipment, as well as the protection of surrounding personnel during construction operations, and tracking of risks in the warning area.

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Professional customized service and advice (OEM/ODM)

Chimei-Motor Electronics’ AI image recognition technology can provide you with professional AI lens optical design, software and hardware development suggestions, and overall system design capabilities, which meet the needs of various scenarios and are used for data evaluation of embedded or external platform integration. , Data integration, data visualization and data analysis and other big data technologies, combined with artificial intelligence technology to provide various solutions for intelligent monitoring and intelligent manufacturing, logistics transportation, urban transportation planning, etc.

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