Intelligent Camera- Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Moving Object Detection
Screen display with reversing traject

Advanced Technology

Advanced RCTA
The module Integrate ECU With 100% accuracy of pedestrian detection, No extra ECU needed.
Simple output
Easy to install. Directly output to display with all functions.
Ultra wide angle
Capable of detecting various moving objects within the blind spots of both sides.
High resolution
Megapixel resolution for sharper images and finer details.
HDR (High dynamic range)
The highest spec. in the market , up to 125 dB.
Overcomes the weather issue in general vision recognition products may have.
Automotive grade
Components fulfill with 100% automobile regulations.

Advanced Technique

Moving Object Detection

Detecting all approaching objects from each side

With 100% accuracy pedestrian detection

Advanced Alert

Providing sufficient time for driver.

Intelligent system

Available to recognize object coming direction.

Passenger Car


                                               Business Vehicle

Product Specification

Product Size 39.5 x 28.5 x 32mm
Import Voltage DC12/ 24V
Import Current <200mA / DC 12V
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C
Resolution 1280*960 (1.2m pixel)
Dynamic Range More than 125dB
Camera FOV 165°
Detection range 180°
IP Level IP68
AV Output Format CVBS (RCA Connector)
Moving Object Spec More than 30x30x80 cm³
object & move close to the car