Driver behavior analysis System

Chimei Motor Electronics’ DMS (Driver Monitoring System) is a camera-based technology that has been designed to ensure driver safety while on the road. The system uses advanced computer vision algorithms and AI to monitor the driver’s behavior in real-time, ensuring that they are alert and focused on the road. With the rise of autonomous driving and the increasing adoption of electric vehicles, Chimei Motor Electronics’ DMS technology is set to play a crucial role in ensuring driver safety and enhancing the overall driving experience.


The camera-based technology used in Chimei Motor Electronics’ DMS system captures the driver’s face, eye movement, and head position. This data is then analyzed by AI algorithms to detect any signs of drowsiness or distraction. If the system detects that the driver is not paying attention to the road, it will alert them with an audio or visual signal, prompting them to refocus their attention.


The integration of Chimei Motor Electronics’ DMS technology with future smart cockpit solutions is set to revolutionize the driving experience. The system’s ability to detect driver behavior can be used to provide personalized infotainment and enhance overall comfort.


The driving behavior detection system is installed on the top of the dashboard in the car, facing the driving range, judging the facial features of the driver,

Providing reminders of driving fatigue or distracted behavior, or providing face analysis data (management background is required) to avoid Caused casualties in an accident.

The integration of Chimei Motor Electronics’ DMS technology in future EV vehicles is particularly significant, given the unique challenges associated with EV driving. EVs have a quieter engine and are more likely to cause driver fatigue, leading to a higher risk of accidents. The DMS technology can help address these issues by monitoring the driver’s behavior and alerting them if they are not focused on the road.



 Operating Voltage

10.8V ~ 36V

 Operating Temperature


 Operating Current


 Video output




 Dynamic Range


 Sensor size

1/4-inch 4.5 mm On Semi

 Sensor Format

CMOS Active Pixels:1280 H × 800 V = 1.0 Mp ,Monochrome ,Global Shutter