Driver Monitoring System (DMS):
Through the lens and infrared light source, capture after driving facial features accurately identified specific orientation, through the pupil and face. Gaze direction changes such as analysis of driving distractions. Fatigue state, when the excessive data, not only can provide appropriate warning immediately can also provide fleet management center, information integration, and send the message to inform the background statistics driving habits and driving condition, not only can reduce the derived by fatigue driving accident may also provide excellent team management solution.

Applied Situation and The warning mechanism

Applied Situation

System Function:

  • Fatigue Detection/Eyes closing period and frequency
  • Distraction Gaze around/Calling/Smoking/Eating(Optional)
  • Suitable for drivers of all colors and races
  • suitable for drivers wearing sunglasses (except mirrors)
  • suitable for drivers wearing hats (eyes and face features should not be obscured)
  • driving in a dark environment
  • vibration identification has been optimized to greatly reduce the impact caused by vibration during driving


The warning mechanism

  1. system startup: when the vehicle starts, the detection starts immediately
  2. detection condition: the distance between the driver’s face and the system is between 40 ~ 110cm
  3. the timing alarm: detect driver fatigue and distraction state occurs can be real-time warning or instant back risk signal to background, eli and body signals, GPS signal, and even other ADAS functions (such as lane migration, distance, pedestrians and vehicles moving objects detection, etc.) and other information handshake analysis, a more comprehensive review and risk control fleet management


Product Specificatio


Product Size 79.5*75*60mm
Import voltage DC9V ~36V
Import Current <600mA
Operating Temperatur -40 – 85°C
Lens Module CMOS
Solution 480p
Optical Format 1/3″+5G
Static Range 74.8dB
View Angle of Lens  D49.2° *H39° *V29°