Pedestrian detection- PD

When the system detects pedestrian approaching suddenly, it will warn the driver by sound and light to avoid the danger of collision.

Applied situation and The warning mechanism

Applied situation

The system uses special algorithms to detect pedestrians moving in front of it in low-speed driving conditions, to remind drivers of any risk of pedestrians fleeing in urban areas or low-speed driving, and to provide timely driving safety protection.


The warning mechanism

When the vehicle speed in 10~30km/h start warning, the vehicle and pedestrians too close, the system will issue an alert immediately.


Product specifications



Item IVA-Integrated Multifunction Vision ADAS
Import Voltage DC12/24V  1A
Resolution 1280*720
Image Output CVBS (NTSC/PAL)
I/O UART or RS232
Storage Condition 30~80% RH, -40℃ ~ 95℃
Operating environment 30~80% RH, -40℃ ~ 95℃
Term of warning Sound and Light

Lens Specification

Lens Module 1/3“ CMOS
Current Specification DC 12V / 200mA
Input specification 1280(H) x 800(V)
Frame rate 30fps @ 720p
Image Scale 41 dB
View Angle of Lens D53° *H42° *V32°