Front Collision Warning System( FCWS ):
Detect with the lens and use special algorithm to calculate the time of impending collision with the vehicle in front. If the system judges that the vehicle is too close to the vehicle in front and the vehicle does not maintain an appropriate safety distance from the vehicle in front, when there is a risk of collision with the vehicle in front, the system will flash through the warning light and issue an alarm sound to remind the driver to slow down; In order to reduce the impact of collision accidents on passengers.

Applied Situation and The warning mechanism


Applied Situation

System available to detect the distance from the vehicle in front. If the vehicle exceeds the standard safe driving range or gets too close to the vehicle in front, the system will automatically issue a light and sound warning to ensure the safety of long-distance travel.



The warning mechanism

  1. When the relative speed difference between the two vehicles is too large due to the abnormal road condition in front, which leads to the fast approaching of the vehicle in front.
  2. When driving at normal speed and approaching the vehicle in front are dangerous at relative speed
  3. The sensitivity, warning volume and system startup speed of the emergency situation ahead can be customized.
  4. High applicability: it is suitable for driving under normal conditions, especially for driving on highways and fast roads, and suitable for cars, suvs and large passenger/truck.
  5. System warning priority: FCWS warning > LDWS warning.
    After the vehicle power is started, the system can also communicate and transmit status information with the team system integration background through the communication format, which is conducive to the use of the team management system.


Product specifications


Host Specification

Item IVA-Integrated Multifunction Vision ADAS
Resolution 1280*720
Image Output CVBS(NTSC/PAL)
I/O UART or RS232
Storage Condition 30~80% RH; -40℃~ 95℃
Term of warning Sound and Light

Lens Specification

Lens Module 1/3” CMOS
Current Specification DC 12V/200mA
Input specification 1280(H)x 800(V)
Frame rate 30fps @ 720p
Image Scale 41dB
View Angle of Lens D53°*H42°*V32°