“I wasn’t born to do the routine work!” Jammy’s adventurous spirit contradicts the nature of accounting jobs. Therefore, he has urged himself to expand his expertise in various fields, from human resources to procurement, IT, operation, and research & development. Not just because of his curiosity for new knowledge, but also because the finance job function requires a basic understanding of the operation of all departments, Jammy becomes more smooth with cross-function management. The merger of Chi Mei Corporation  gave Jammy an opportunity to realize his entrepreneurship dream. Relying on the knowledge accumulated over the eight years of experiences in the automotive electronics fields, Jammy found ChiMei Motor with some former colleagues and began a brand new journey. However ,  the first challenge Jammy encountered on the journey of entrepreneurship was insufficient funds. With only 100 million worth of capitals, Jammy fully utilizes his finance background to efficiently allocate money to support huge investments in research and development and at the same time actively search sponsors and investors to support the future development of the company. All of these efforts Jammy has put in is to fulfill his goal of creating irreplaceable values of ChiMei Motor.

A Stage for Passion

In the beginning three years, things have been struggling for Jammy. With its years behind technology, It was almost impossible for ChiMei Motor to compete with those global ADAS solution providers. Therefore, Jammy adopted the blue ocean strategy and tried to differentiate ChiMei Motor’s products from the existing ones, creating differentiated values. By bringing the entire team on the same page and focusing on the niche market, Jammy creates a profiting opportunity for ChiMei Motor. “Without differentiation, we don’t strike a single chance of survival.” After three years of endeavor in research, test, improvement, algorithm and platform adjustment, Jammy and team have finally launched the product. Looking back to the development process, Jammy admits that there were frustrating times when no one is certain they were on the right track and if they ever made  to the destination. However, he held on to his faith and make small progress step by step to encourage the team to keep moving forward. “I’ve never missed one research and development meeting since ChiMei Motor was found. At first, I attended the meeting to ensure the company on the right track, but later I realized that I am  addicted to the exhilarating feeling while hearing significant breakthroughs. The joy is from the employees’ passion for what they do.” Jammy attends the research and development meeting not only to understand the status of each project but also to establish a stage to encourage employees to self-recognize. Jammy believes that management’s enthusiastic responses during the meeting are the best motivation for employees. With this mechanism, every employee in ChiMei Motor is driven to bring out the best in their job function. This one- hundred employee company spends only five years to catch up the world’s leading automotive electronics suppliers.

Go with the Flow and Smooth the Struggles in Life

“I’ve never taken anything for granted.” After years of project management experiences, Jammy has developed a unique way of prioritizing problems, which is letting go the unimportant and focus on the fundamentals of the critical. To reach win-win situation while coordinating across different parties, he always puts himself in others’ shoes and comes out with various scenarios of solutions by thinking what he can do differently to achieve better results. This wisdom helps Jammy not only solve challenges after challenges smoothly but also cultivate a systematic logical thinking pattern. “The more clear you are at each step of what you do, the fewer worries you would have in life.” Jammy points out that his ultimate goal is to create a work environment with a pleasant atmosphere. He emphasizes, “we spend approximate a third of lifetime at work. It’s meaningless if we don’t love what we do and let the unhappy feelings affect after work life.” “If I didn’t start my own business, I’d have regretted my whole life.” Jammy use the “never regret” philosophy and a determined courage to march forward on the journey toward smart automotive era.